1. Standard tooling

When ordering, please indicate the article code according to the catalogue, a description, type of tool, dimensions and number of teeth, this will avoid any mistakes being made.

2. Special tooling

For this production, we need the following information:

Tool information:

  • Family type that the tool belongs to i.e. cutter, cutter head, router cutter, saw blade, knife, etc.

  • Diameter, cutter height, bore or shank size

  • Number of cutting edges

Cutting material:


  • HS High speed steel

  • Stellites

  • ST Tungsten carbide.

  • HW Polycrystalline diamond 


Profile tools:


  • Dimensioned sketch or wood sample.

Construction specifications

  • Manual feed MAN

  • Mechanical feed MEC

According whith the European Standard EN 847-1

Note: All manual feed tools (MAN) can be used in mechanical feed (MEC).


Working material:


  • Type of material: soft or hard wood, exotic, particleboard, MDF, etc.

  • Face covering: melamine, plywood, etc.

Cutting position:


  • Cutting against or with the wood fibre, cross cut, innatural wood.

  • Cutting sense, with or against the feed.

Machine information:


  • Type of machine: moulding machine, tenonner, CNC center, etc.

  • Spindle layout.

  • Bed and fence position.

Rotation sense:


  • Left hand, right hand.



D- Cutter diameter
B- Cutter width / Knife length
b- Body thickness
C- Chanfering / Rounding blades
d- Bore

Db- Base diameter

DKN- Double Keyway

H- Knife length

HB- Wood thickness

Hn- Negative helix

Hp- Positive helix

I- Groover
INF -Inferior position

KN - Keyway

KS- Frigovit cooling slot
LT- Total length
LC- Cutting length
LH- Left hand rotation
LU- Clamping length
L helix - Helix length

MAN - Manual feed

MEC - Mechanical feed

n- rpm
NL - Pinhole

nmax - maximum rpm

P- Profile
PU- Packing unit
Pt- Profile depth
R- Radius
Ref - Article reference

RH - Right hand

Rz- Scrapers
S- Shank diametre / Knife thickness
SW - Clamping keys

SDB - With chip thickness limitation

SUP- Superior cutting position
t- Pitch
T- Grooving depth
TK- Diameter for pin holes
V- Spurs
Z- Edges
ZB- Hogger width
ZS- Hogger segments


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